Pre Production


Before we reach for the cameras, we like to get to know you. It’s a vital first step and ensures we create a video that gets to the heart of your story and helps you achieve your goals. In turn we’ll come up with ideas and create a storyboard that outlines the look and feel of your video. Only when everyone’s happy will we move onto the next stage.


The nuts and bolts of any production is the shoot. We’ve filmed in every situation imaginable and thrive on helping you feel at ease in front of the camera. We capture all the footage to a shooting script and run through any ‘interviews’ before committing them to film. It’s not every day you make a video, so we want you to enjoy it!

Post Production

When the cameras stop running it’s time to bring everything together. We line up all the shots according to the storyboard, select music options, add basic graphics and then send you a first cut to check you’re happy with our progress. If we’re on the right track we’ll polish things up, undertaking colour correction, adding richer graphics and mixing the sound.


Once you’re in possession of your video it’s time to share it with your audience. We’re experts in campaign strategizing and distribution and will be happy to share with you our contacts who specialise in PR, CRM and video seeding

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